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Birds, Not Mosquitoes

I Ola Nā Manu Nahele  -  So The Forest Birds Thrive

      Hawaiian honeycreepers face a conservation crisis due to non-native mosquitoes transmitting avian diseases. American Bird Conservancy (ABC) and Hyperspective are producing a film showcasing the efforts of Birds, Not Mosquitoes (BNM) to address this emergency. This 30-minute documentary delves into the technology of the Incompatible Insect Technique and highlights BNM's relentless work, empowering participants with the knowledge to reconnect with these birds. The teaser trailer posted here is also airing during the Merrie Monarch Festival.

      Featuring interviews with field teams battling extinction on Maui and Kaua'i, the film captures the plight of the honeycreepers and the importance of native forest birds both to the ecosystem and the local communities. It also features the efforts of the keiki of Hawai'i, who have rallied to support the cause after learning about the crisis. Through storytelling and education, the film aims to bridge knowledge gaps, foster empathy, and encourage community participation in safeguarding Hawai'i's biodiversity.

The full film will premiere later this summer. Stay tuned for further announcements and screening dates.

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Birds, Not Mosquitoes is a multi-agency partnership urgently working to protect the native Hawaiian honeycreepers from extinction. The southern house mosquito is invading these birds’ habitats and spreading a deadly disease called avian malaria. 

Together, the partnership will use naturally-occurring bacteria as a mosquito “birth control” to suppress the southern house mosquito populations in Hawaiʻi. 

This is a multi-phase project that is being implemented on Maui and Kauaʻi and will expand statewide throughout the main Hawaiian islands. All phases of the project will follow the required regulatory pathways before moving forward.

'anianiau on 'ōhiʻa © Jim Denny

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